Linda CG vegetation

Realistic vegetation creation system for realtime visualisations, games, simulations or CG generated nature

Linda is a system for generating highly realistic vegetation for use in realtime or massive offline rendering.


The main advantages are in terms of simulation based on real biological processes and the possibility to generate models in any detail from hipoly to lowpoply, with corresponding LODs as well as user control of specified details on the tree body. Lindastudio also contain tools for analysing models for performance dependency, measuring surface and volume, reducing number of textures and sections. Vertex numbers analysis, video memory load and so on.

The tools generate models in FBX format with diffuse and normal textures and also 2. UV for specific lightmaps, there is no need for specific changes in a customer’s engine. Automatic generation of shadow or physics LODs are also supported. Creation of vegetation is now offered as a service.

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